Monday, December 27, 2010

Good times 2010 you will be remembered!!!

Wooooowwww this blog is so not my thing, but as long as I fill in the gaps who cares right :)

Landon is now the ripe old age of 21 months! His favorite words are "NO!" and "MINE" (this one is due to his cute cousin Alyssa teaching this to him over Christmas :)

I love that he has so much to say and his characteristic is love, laugh, and love! He is boy through and through! Heavenly Father knew best to bless us with him ;)

Lets see fill in the gaps hmmmmm ok lets start here...

This last summer we had our family reunion in Warm Springs and it was a great time to share with all that were able to make it! We had it in Warm Springs, NV and it was HOT, HOT, HOT! Needless to say it burned down a week later??? We set the place on fire I guess you could say :)

Gull Family Reunion 2010 ( Idaho)

After trips to Idaho and NV we learned that our travels were few and far between. Mostly due to the fact Kyle is working his tail off in school while plugging away at 2 jobs! Our hard worker deserves "Man of the Year!!"

Also during this summer~

Shar ran a few half marathons and didn't die :)

Lots of lawn mowing...

Landon lovin water!

and Kyle purchased a new truck and is Happy as a Lark now(whatever that means)

Landon drives his old man around in the Dodge! He was getting a kick out of all the bells and whistles the truck has! He loves to pal around with his dad going to the auto parts store or Sportsmans!!!

He also drives tractors as you can see...

Landon and I took off to TN for a week in Oct to visit my parents! We had so much fun and it was the perfect weather, food, fun, and family! We plan to go again soon :)

While we vacationed in TN Kyle found some time off of his busy sked to take part in....


We have a freezer full of deer and I have even sampled it...not bad, not bad I have to admit!!

This year we kept it simple but close to home for the Halloween festivities! I declare the hunters but Landon kind of turned out like a candy corn construction worker hunter look :) Lazy year I'll do better hahaha!

The fall quickly came and Thanksgiving was right around the corner.

We started out at Sarah's and she did excellent cooking the whole traditional Thankgiving Feast!

Too bad lil' Gracie still had no teeth to sink into some yum yum Turkey, but she was cute as a button gobbling up sweet yams!

Tis the season Christmas is here! Landon was in heaven and has so much fun with his gift opening. It was such a joy to see as a parent!

Lots of laughs and little sleep makes the holidays so so sweet!!!

Another year has flown by and now I'm reminded why i hate to blog. It took me 2 1/2 hrs to create this! Love me anyway I might see ya in another 6 months hahaha.

~Love one another~

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